Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do you pray?

For those who practice religion, you do pray to God once in a while, right?or maybe you do it frequently just like the Moslems, five times a day, everyday. In my opinion, based on the activity, there are two types of pray:
  1. Pray by heart. This one you don't do any poses or rituals, just say it in your heart.
  2. Pray by movements. This one you do some kind of poses or rituals, for example bowing, singing, etc. Although still you need to put your heart and mind to God while doing the movements.
But based on reasons, there are a lot of types of pray:
  1. Pray because of fear. You're afraid of God's punishment if you don't pray, you do this one.
  2. Pray because of fun. You find it fun and enjoyable to pray to God for only God and you know the reason, you do this one.
  3. Pray because of needs. You know everything you receive is from God, so you pray to God because you still need something in this life. Or maybe you're in trouble, so you need help and pray to God.
  4. Pray because of habit. You've been doing the prayer since you're a kid, you even memorize everything out of your head, and you feel not right if you don't pray.
  5. Pray because of merit. If you pray, you'll get merit and reward from God, either in this life or after life. So you pray.
  6. Pray because of force. Your parents tell you to pray, or your girlfriend, or your wive or husband. You do this one.
  7. Pray because of majority. Your family or your friends, or people around you pray, so you tag along.
  8. Pray because of good impression. You want to impress your future mother-in-law, or your superior, your girlfriend, boyfriend, your family, or even people you don't know by praying. You conduct this one.
  9. Pray because of love to God. You love your God. Simply as that, you pray to God.
So, which one are you?


Anonymous said...

hehee kalo aku yang nomor 4 nic. kebiasaan a.k.a habit. kalo gak dikerjain merasa bersalah. tapi mengerjakannya juga seringnya ala kadarnya :p ini termasuk mengerjakan wudhunya. saking udah g pake mikir misalnya lagi wudhu tiba2 berenti di tengah-tengah, jadi bingung. abis tangan yang dibasuh berikutnya apa ya??
pinginnya sih yang terakhir. tapi kayak belum berhasil2 mencapainya :P

me said...

hihi,sama,susah ya,klo gw sih ama pray karena butuh juga,gomen :D