Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Japan should learn from Indonesia

If we talk about what Indonesia should learn from Japan, it might take more than one post to discuss about it, hehe, just kidding. Anyway, I found it more interesting to discuss of what a modern, sophisticated country like Japan should learn from a developing country like Indonesia instead.
So what are those things?It took me a while to think and answer that question, but I finally came up with some answers.
  1. Indonesia can be proud of its cinema(theater) industry. People in Indonesia can enjoy the new movies in theater quickly. While here in Japan, the movies are out dated, and most of the time it takes quite some time until a movie is played in theaters in Japan. Not only that, the theater, the place where we can watch movies, in Indonesia is better than that in Japan. Well, actually I don't know if all Japan's theaters like that, but the one I found in Nanba Osaka was so not Japan. In Indonesia, when we buy the tickets, we can choose the seat through a monitor which displays seats available and not. But in Toho Cinemas in Namba, they only provide you with a sheet of paper displaying the seat inside the theater. Then we choose which seats we want to take, then they will check if it's available or not. That's why I tell you, it's so not Japan, 不便です。
  2. Most supermarkets here in Japan will not put stuffs you buy into a plastic bag. They will just give you the plastic and let you do it yourself. Since in Indonesia, the supermarket always put your stuffs into the plastic bag, It makes me feel Japan's supermarket doesn't give much service to the customers.
  3. The ATM machines here in Japan don't operate 24/7! This one's quite shocking for me, since it means if you're out of money in the middle of the night, you're doomed!
  4. I don't know if this is true, but I heard that Japanese people only take a bath once a day, they only take a bath at night. Judging from their messy hairs in the morning, maybe this is true. Maybe they should learn to take a bath also in the morning just like Indonesian. Or are Indonesian people also like that? :p
  5. They really should use the standard 24-hours-day.

Any other ideas?


~eng~ said...

well, i have the same impression of japan vs philippines (since i'm not from indonesia ^_~). and just now, i'm adding another thing here: in japan, you have to pay JPY2700++ for owning a very simple color television that can receive tv broadcasts. (JPY4600++ for satellite tv.) would you believe that? the reason it's called tv broadcasting is because it's being distributed to many, usually for free!!! as if the shows are worth that price. tsk tsk tsk. i've never paid any amount for such purpose in the philippines. only for cable/satellite broadcasts. and it's not THAT expensive!

NHK should make it clear why Article 32 of their Broadcast Law exists. is it some kind of tax? is it because NHK doesn't earn from advertisements? how could people just agree to this? XD imagine this law being passed in the philippines. it would be chaotic!

Anonymous said...

wahh sama nic!! di sini juga atmnya gak 24/7!! O_o jadinya kalo mo wiken harus memastikan duit di dompet cukup untuk selama wiken. eh sebetulnya sih beroperasi tapi kalo di luar jam kerja kena charge. di jepang bener2 gak beroperasi gtu??
tapi kalo soal masukin barang di plastik gak masalah sih kalo menurutku. di negara-negara barat bukannya jg gtu ya?? tenaga kerja mahall. lebih baik diberdayakan untuk hal lain yang lebih berguna (aku pernah baca sih gitu katanya :p). di korea malah lebih parah. kalo mau kantong plastik harus beli :(
kalo soal mandi. menurutku emang orang Indonesia itu paling rajin mandi di antara bangsa-bangsa lain. :D tapi kalo teoriku sih itu karena kita gak ada musim dingin. kalo di negara 4 musim mungkin mereka malas mandi dingin-dingin [sotoy mode on] :p

me said...

"di jepang bener2 gak beroperasi gtu??"
nope,bener2 ga beroperasi,payah ya...
"di negara-negara barat bukannya jg gtu ya?? "
wah,ga tau ya,baru dua kali ke negara maju,yg pertama ke singapur pas masih kecil banget jadi ga inget,yg kedua ya ini :D
"tapi kalo teoriku sih itu karena kita gak ada musim dingin."
gw malah pengen mandi terus pake air anget :p

priyo said...

1. I guess it because they have to do all the translation and dub to Japanese before releasing a new movie.

2. Agree with shihouin, and beside that because there is also customer who doesn't want to use supermarket plastic bag.

3. For economic reason maybe? Saving in electricity bill.

4. I'm one of them

5. This system is easier to understand for me than 10:00-1:00.
it's not clear whether it means 1:00PM or 1:00AM

Sandy Eggi said...

kalo masalah masukin belanjaan ke kantong plastik, itu tergantung sama antrian kan ya ..

kalo banyak antriannya pasti kita diminta untuk masukin masukin sendiri barang belanjaan ke kantong plastik demi mempercepat proses pembayaran.

tapi kalo antriannya dikit/sepi ya pasti petugas nya yang bakalan masukin ke kantong plastik. semua kembali untuk pelanggan kok.

petugas di toko tau betul masalah menghargai waktu pelanggan, jadi semakin cepat semakin baik...

kalo di indonesia, mungkin pace nya lebih pelan daripada di jepang .. jadi nya semua rela buat antri lama di swalayan ..

kalo begini .. entah yang harus belajar siapa ... indonesia ato jepang ... tergantung perspective nya ya :)