Sunday, October 5, 2008

Email to your Professor

In Japan, professor is like a God. Once you choose a professor, most likely you'll stuck with him/her for the rest of your life :p He/she will be the one who decides you'll graduate or not, you'll pass exam or not, etc. I even heard there was this student that had some kind of problem with his/her professor, and ended up failing entrance exam for graduate school for three times! If you have a good relationship with your professor, or he/she is pleased with you, then don't worry, you'll do great! Because of that, what happens in the comic strip above sometimes (or most of the time) happens. It took sometime for me to arrange the sentences so that it would show that for example I did a lot of thing, or I was still working on something, or the little progress I did would look big :D, etc :p And most likely again, the professor would do something like that comic showed, just one line of sentence. How about you?

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dzaia-bs said...

same as here in Taiwan,
in my experience, Professor only replied in some words, as short as possible...