Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life Experience

Do you recognize from what movie the picture above? Yup, it's 21. A movie about a genius young man who gained one hell of life experience from a famous card game called blackjack. His brilliant mind was discovered by one of his lecturer and offered him to join in a blackjack community in the campus. His decision to step into the world of blackjack changed his life: earning lots of money from casinos, getting beaten into pulp by some kind of security guard, losing lots of money twice, almost losing friends, almost failing school, and almost losing Harvard Medical School. But because of that, he gained a "life experience" which is something he really needed to dazzle the interviewer for the scholarship. Very good movie, highly recommended.:okay:

From this movie, I learned something, that I don't have life experience that can dazzle someone or separate me from others, that make me jump out of the page (just like in the movie). It's always a difficult thing for me when somebody asks me what makes me different from the others, like for example in interview or something. "How the hell should I know?", that's what I'm thinking. How can we compare our self with someone else that we don't even know? It seems like a stupid question.
Thinking it deeper, I found it ironic. At school, we are obliged to study to get high score, high grades. If we don't enter the "realm" of average score, the institution will mark you as "FAILED". In other words, we try so hard to be on the same level as everyone else. But in the end, we will be asked to be different.
Anyway, aside from interview screening, selection, exam, etc, having a good and proud able life experience would be nice. Life experience can be good or bad, though having a bad life experience can make you laugh in the future when you think about it again, I'd rather have a good life experience.:woooh:So, i've been thinking what kind of life experience I can get and how to get it. I've always been wanting to make difference, or make something that can make difference. But even after searching deep inside, I still can not find something inside me that I'm really good at, something that I can proud of and compete with others. How can I change something if I don't even have the tool to do it.:siga:Anybody can give me a clue on how to find something to be best at?...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

in time of darkness
will you find the light?
can you find the light?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Use emoticon in your blogger post

I got this very cool feature from Mr. Fathah's blog. It's written in Indonesian, so I'll translate it here so you all can understandkenyit of course with his consentsengihnampakgigi
Ok, here what u need to do:
  1. Use firefox. Not using firefox? Then use it. Don't want to use it? Use it now!
  2. Install Greasemonkey add-on.
  3. Click this link to get yahoo messenger emoticon. Then click install.
  4. Click this link to get onion emoticon. Then click install.
  5. Click this link to get naruto emoticon. Then click install.
  6. Click this link to get pika emoticon. Then click install.
  7. Click this link to get pucca emoticon. Then click install.
  8. Go to your dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML
  9. Find this code
  10. Copy the following code, then paste it above that code (9).
    img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
  11. Save Template
  12. Done. smile Now the emoticons will appear when you create new post. More emoticons here.

Thanks to Mr. Fathahkakashi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What would you do with Heroes power?: Hiro Nakamura

Hiro Nakamura
Picture from

Heroes, one of the best tv series in my opinion, really caught up so many people attentions all around the world. I guess people like this kind of movie, fantasy, super power, and fictional. But what most important is the series manifest the deepest desire of man. Power of flying without machine, teleportation, invisibility, etc. Deep inside our heart, we long for it, we desperately want those kind of powers.
So let's talk about those powers one by one. Let's start with teleportation power of Hiro Nakamura (let's discuss about his time bending power next time). A chubby Japanese character who in my opinion has awsome power but he's just too childish and immature. Teleportation is a great power, I really want it! Have you seen a movie called Jumper? OMG, that's just the way I want, being able to move from one place to another in one blink of eyes regardless the distance.
What can we do with this power? For me, it will really help my financial condition. Nope, not in the way David Rice did in Jumper-- robbing banks, not a chance! If I had that power, I can use it to go to my lab back and forth, which means, less energy consumed, and less cost. Not only that, since everything's so expensive here in Japan, I can have my breakfast, lunch, dinner in my home country which everything's cheaper compare to this country -> less cost of money. I can even just live in my country and study here in Japan. Other than that, I can also get a part time job(s) some where else, for example in America to earn some dollars, then exchange it with my country's money -> I'll be rich in no time :)) And of course, this time just like David in Jumper, I can go to many places around the world which is my ultimate dream!
Aside from those mentioned above, of course there are some bad deeds you can do with the power. One simple example, just watch Jumper :p That's the true power of a "power". It could consume you, devoure all the true you and change you to some one else, someone who is not "you", most of the time, you'll become the "bad version". That happens in real life, you know, even without the fictional powers of Heroes. We can see some people change when they obtain wealth and glory, and start treating people the way they used to hate. So, how to prevent the change? I have no idea. Maybe, love..? :p

Monday, October 13, 2008

Belum saatnya menilai, menasihati, dan mengomentari orang lain

Menurut pendapat saya, selama kita masih:
  1. Men-download mp3/film/buku dari internet, jangan menghujat atau mencaci para koruptor, karena kita sama busuknya dengan mereka.
  2. Mencuri bandwidth internet perusahaan/universitas untuk kepentingan selain pekerjaan dan pendidikan, seperti membuka friendster, facebook, dll, tidak perlu berteriak2 menuntut hukuman mati bagi para koruptor, karena kita tidak ada bedanya dengan mereka.
Dunia ini penuh kemunafikan. Sering kali seseorang berkata manis di depan, berteriak sesuatu yg ideal, padahal secara sadar atau tidak, dia sendiri belum bener. Tau apa istilahnya orang yg seperti itu? MUNAFIK! HYPOCRITE! Saat kemunafikannya terungkap, dia akan naik ke kemunafikan level 2 yang ditandai dengan satu action: JUSTIFIKASI. "Kalo make internet kantor/universitas mah beda, ga ada yg dirugikan". GOBLOK! Emangnya tuh bandwidth lu kira gratis? Udah bayar listrik, bayar provider juga!
Anyway, sebelum kamu menasihati orang lain, mengungkapkan keburukan orang lain, ngaca dulu deh, klo kamu dah bersih dari semua keburukan yg bakal kamu omongin, baru teriak kenceng2!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Email to your Professor

In Japan, professor is like a God. Once you choose a professor, most likely you'll stuck with him/her for the rest of your life :p He/she will be the one who decides you'll graduate or not, you'll pass exam or not, etc. I even heard there was this student that had some kind of problem with his/her professor, and ended up failing entrance exam for graduate school for three times! If you have a good relationship with your professor, or he/she is pleased with you, then don't worry, you'll do great! Because of that, what happens in the comic strip above sometimes (or most of the time) happens. It took sometime for me to arrange the sentences so that it would show that for example I did a lot of thing, or I was still working on something, or the little progress I did would look big :D, etc :p And most likely again, the professor would do something like that comic showed, just one line of sentence. How about you?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do you pray?

For those who practice religion, you do pray to God once in a while, right?or maybe you do it frequently just like the Moslems, five times a day, everyday. In my opinion, based on the activity, there are two types of pray:
  1. Pray by heart. This one you don't do any poses or rituals, just say it in your heart.
  2. Pray by movements. This one you do some kind of poses or rituals, for example bowing, singing, etc. Although still you need to put your heart and mind to God while doing the movements.
But based on reasons, there are a lot of types of pray:
  1. Pray because of fear. You're afraid of God's punishment if you don't pray, you do this one.
  2. Pray because of fun. You find it fun and enjoyable to pray to God for only God and you know the reason, you do this one.
  3. Pray because of needs. You know everything you receive is from God, so you pray to God because you still need something in this life. Or maybe you're in trouble, so you need help and pray to God.
  4. Pray because of habit. You've been doing the prayer since you're a kid, you even memorize everything out of your head, and you feel not right if you don't pray.
  5. Pray because of merit. If you pray, you'll get merit and reward from God, either in this life or after life. So you pray.
  6. Pray because of force. Your parents tell you to pray, or your girlfriend, or your wive or husband. You do this one.
  7. Pray because of majority. Your family or your friends, or people around you pray, so you tag along.
  8. Pray because of good impression. You want to impress your future mother-in-law, or your superior, your girlfriend, boyfriend, your family, or even people you don't know by praying. You conduct this one.
  9. Pray because of love to God. You love your God. Simply as that, you pray to God.
So, which one are you?