Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life Experience

Do you recognize from what movie the picture above? Yup, it's 21. A movie about a genius young man who gained one hell of life experience from a famous card game called blackjack. His brilliant mind was discovered by one of his lecturer and offered him to join in a blackjack community in the campus. His decision to step into the world of blackjack changed his life: earning lots of money from casinos, getting beaten into pulp by some kind of security guard, losing lots of money twice, almost losing friends, almost failing school, and almost losing Harvard Medical School. But because of that, he gained a "life experience" which is something he really needed to dazzle the interviewer for the scholarship. Very good movie, highly recommended.:okay:

From this movie, I learned something, that I don't have life experience that can dazzle someone or separate me from others, that make me jump out of the page (just like in the movie). It's always a difficult thing for me when somebody asks me what makes me different from the others, like for example in interview or something. "How the hell should I know?", that's what I'm thinking. How can we compare our self with someone else that we don't even know? It seems like a stupid question.
Thinking it deeper, I found it ironic. At school, we are obliged to study to get high score, high grades. If we don't enter the "realm" of average score, the institution will mark you as "FAILED". In other words, we try so hard to be on the same level as everyone else. But in the end, we will be asked to be different.
Anyway, aside from interview screening, selection, exam, etc, having a good and proud able life experience would be nice. Life experience can be good or bad, though having a bad life experience can make you laugh in the future when you think about it again, I'd rather have a good life experience.:woooh:So, i've been thinking what kind of life experience I can get and how to get it. I've always been wanting to make difference, or make something that can make difference. But even after searching deep inside, I still can not find something inside me that I'm really good at, something that I can proud of and compete with others. How can I change something if I don't even have the tool to do it.:siga:Anybody can give me a clue on how to find something to be best at?...


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~eng~ said...

hihihi nyaw. now you're the one thinking so hard. =P

hmm.. for me, it is also a very hard question to crack. but as everybody else is saying, whatever it is you want to be best at, you have to WANT it first. and start at being good at it. ^_^

my 2 cents worth.