Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Ignorant of Me

Who would've thought, while browsing here and there, searching through the marvelous Mr. Google with these keywords: "quran quote", I stumbled upon this post in this blog: Top 10 Quran quotes every woman MUST SEE. I thought the article would be something nice, but it's not. Reading the post, and then the comments, I realized something: I'm so ignorant of what's happening in this world.

For me, that article, especially the comments, are so awful. So full of hatred. So full of insults, misunderstanding, accusations, justifications, and generalizations. What happen to this world?Is it really what happens in this world now?

I am a kind of guy who always thinks that everything that happened, or is happening in this world is just what it's meant to be, some people called it destiny. War, disaster, plague, destruction, peace, happy family, victory, nice weather, and many other things that happen in this world are just because they are meant to be.

While many people fight with each other over something, war with each other, kill each other, quarrel with each other, I can find neighbors in my hometown who have different beliefs, laugh each other, smile for each other, help each other. While people stab others from the back, insult and curse each other, we can always see a mother smiles happily looking at her newly born child, we can always see kids playing with each others, laughing freely.

Conflicts indeed make this life colorful, but can we just decrease the intensity of hurting others?I'm not a saint, holy guy, or even prophet, but I hope each and every one of you who reads this post can understand how I feel, able to understand that there are still so many beautiful things in this world rather than just hatred. Spread the PEACE! Spread the SMILE!

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